An Introduction

In the early 80’s my husband and I made the painful, but what we believed to be a necessary decision to move to the Pacific Northwest from Los Angeles. We were convinced there was to be a cataclysmic global events which would rock our world to the core. In my mind I believed these events would manifest in earth changes… earthquakes, floods, droughts and fires to name a few. And I believed these “earth changes” were eminent. So we packed up and left Southern California. Like many people of that time, we felt the Northwest was a safe yet burgeoning place where we could nest in peace. I have always been a mystic and visionary but my timing with the physical universe hasn’t always been precise.   

Our time in the Northwest was magical. I dove into the mystical world immersing myself in many different modalities. During the 80’s it was easy to access varying teachings from many differing realms and I took advantage as best I could. Still after several years Ron and I became hungry for sunlight and warmth. So we turned an about face and moved back to Southern California. We once again were living the dream that only So Cal offers. Now my husband has become a successful man in the business world, while I have moved more deeply into the world of Spirit. 

So here we are now… not in 1984 but 2020. The vision I had once of a world in peril has now manifested as a world-wide pandemic known as COVID 19. Hundreds of thousands of people have died world-wide while others have been diagnosed as carriers of the virus. People are living a fear altered reality; our governments have requested we “shelter in place” in order that they might be able to get a handle on what’s happening, and hopefully find a solution in the form of a vaccine. Millions of people have lost their jobs creating at the very least a recession, which is now bordering on becoming a depression. This is something none of us could have predicted and yet here we are. 

We all wash our hands raw, use stinging sanitizer, wear masks and gloves, not venture beyond our front doors, “hunkering down” in our homes while the experts go off and attempt to find the solutions to this pandemic; hopefully before we all collapse.

I sit in my home watching people walk by who look as shocked as I am in our now global pandemic. Ron and I have been honoring the recommendations and orders given by our officials; living inside the walls of our home, venturing out only for supplies and that little known piece of gold… toilet paper.  

There is something insane about all of this, but still there had been a time when I knew something like this was coming. My early eighties visions. I saw this world falling into earthquake chasms, not financial ruins. But it’s ruin all the same. This is global; there is no one that hasn’t been touched… Except for those few brave folk who stock a two year supply of canned goods, and ten gallon buckets filled with rice, grains and beans. 

Tears flow as I watch the news showing hundreds of people offering their help in umpteen ways. Some folks fostering dogs, many folks delivering boxes of food to families who have lost their jobs and can’t afford to keep food on their tables. The first responders and the medical professionals in the hospitals caring for critically ill patients suffering from this dreaded disease; as well as exposing themselves for more normal healthcare needs. It is heart-breaking as well as inspiring to witness what happens when people give with no expectation of return. I watch, witness these caring souls and wonder what can I contribute? Who am I, and what am I able to offer with my personal limitations. I have an underlying condition limiting my ability to physically contribute.

And then it dawned on me. When I moved to the Northwest the crisis may not have happened then, but I was afforded an opportunity to learn. Starting from my early teens on, I have been trained in and practiced many forms of meditation. I have never lost my desire to turn within, having studied a vast array of practices from the Far East to Western modalities; with wonderful teachers who have offered their wisdom to me. I have learned and continue to learn, having been deeply blessed in this arena.  

This pandemic has unleashed our most powerful necromancers as well as our deepest, most loving selves. As I open to receive the wisdoms and love that I have gained, I realized that it was time for me to return that love and wisdom. Perhaps I can’t lift a heavy box of food, but I can guide my fellow humans in meditation. I can support my fellow family of light by sharing a variety of tools and techniques that they may want to explore on their own.  

We will commune together as we explore who we are as fellow humans dipping into the world of Spirit. As I get myself organized I will send out notices, but keep an eye out for #MeditationsWithKristina

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