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Lonely Tree

Posted on Jan 25 by

Perhaps it was the weather change or perhaps it was the shorter days.  Regardless of the reason, she found herself full of longing.  Longing like she had never known before....


Beginning Again

Posted on Sep 18 by

I have been away for several months.  Not away in the sense of a vacation but away in my personal evolution.  During this time I have had little capacity to manifest the dream...


The Foundation

Posted on Nov 14 by

The Foundation is currently in its infancy and as yet does not have non-profit status.  Once Kristina builds the business plan (along with any other appropriate documents), she...


The Beauty of Creative Devotion

Posted on Nov 14 by

I sink. I pray. I loose myself in love. I touch. I heal. I awaken to Spirit’s call. I wonder. I reel. I expand into Mother’s womb. I embrace. I see. I dance with the...


In the Works

Posted on Nov 11 by

Faith is the Path Grace is the Bridge Surrender is the Gate Love is the Garden I have just spent over five hours attempting to personalize this blog…for a tech neophyte...


I’ve Been Inspired

Posted on Oct 7 by

From my light to my dark to my Ally I am quaking From my thoughts to my form to my Life I am taking From my soul to my heart to my Mission I am waking I pour love into light of...