I’ve Been Inspired

From my light to my dark to my Ally I am quaking
From my thoughts to my form to my Life I am taking
From my soul to my heart to my Mission I am waking
I pour love into light of the Words I am making

I have been contemplating how I can contribute to the world.  I have attempted being active with differing organizations but my enthusiasm has always waned.  I believe this is because it hasn’t been in areas of deep interest to me.

I am dedicated to the enlightenment of humanity and the expression of our enlightenment through the creative arts.  I believe it is through our collective spiritual expansion and the sharing of that which will have a profound affect on our ability to save Mother Earth.

To that end I have dedicate myself to the preservation of ancient mysticism and it’s expression through music, dance, art and story. This blog will follow me through these initial thoughts, and the execution of the how I will implement that preservation.

I have named this website “Tara’s Compassion”.  Tara is the Goddess of Compassion.  I have known her to be my guide and teacher for some twenty plus years.  I will share the story of our relationship in the near future.  I will also attempt from time to time to share some of her teachings.

I am hoping by sharing this blog, it will help to solidify and clarify the work and play I have ahead of me.  Perhaps in the sharing, the reader will learn something for themselves.

Om Hrim Strim Hum Phat

Jai Ma,



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