The Beauty of Creative Devotion

I sink. I pray. I loose myself in love.
I touch. I heal. I awaken to Spirit’s call.
I wonder. I reel. I expand into Mother’s womb.
I embrace. I see. I dance with the fire of life
I dream. I am. I sail on the wings of light.

As I work with Mother Tara I am feeling a deeper sense of devotion to Spirit. I have been focused for the last three days on creating a blog environment that might attract viewers to feel a sense of upliftment and clarity.  These qualities are two of Mother Tara’s greatest teachings.  As we begin to embody our personal mission which is a small part of Tara’s, we are supported and held in her arms.  Fear washes away and enthusiasm fills the spaces.  This Red Tara reminds me of my beloved Kali.  I will bow to all of their support as I vision and create this beautiful new project for the benefit of all.  Jai Ma!!!

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